Why we are being left behind

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AUSTRALIA’S unemployment rate is at its highest level since the recession, with the number of unemployed people reaching a record 7.9 million.

However, many experts have argued that the real unemployment rate has fallen significantly since the Great Recession, while a major government survey found that unemployment rates in some states are still significantly higher than in the rest of the country.

New housing developments and a range of other new housing policies are also being considered, while the Federal Government is also introducing measures to help the unemployed, including an increase in the cap on the amount of social security payments that employers can receive.

The Federal Government has also said that the cost of unemployment benefits will be reduced, while some states have begun to offer job-seeker payments, with some states having seen a decline in unemployment.

What is unemployment?

The unemployment rate, or unemployment, rate, is a measure of the unemployment rate as a percentage of the labour force.

A person’s unemployment rate can be found by dividing the number unemployed by the number in the labour market, where 1 means that the person is actively seeking work and the other means that they are actively looking for work.

While unemployment rates vary across the country, there are two general categories: the “near-term unemployed” and the “long-term” unemployed.

“Near-term unemployment” refers to people who have been looking for a job for a few weeks or months, or who have had some other job-related events such as a family illness or a health problem.

Long-term employment is defined as someone who has been looking or has had a job in the past three months.

When is unemployment rising?

In the recent economic downturn, unemployment rates have risen in many areas across the nation.

Since the end of the recession in 2009, unemployment has fallen in the majority of states and territories.

But there have been several instances in which unemployment rates are increasing, including in Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

For more on unemployment, read our blog article What’s going on with unemployment?

The Federal government has also announced that the Government will introduce a range to support unemployed people.

It is a pilot project to help people on social security with the cost to apply for jobseekers allowance.

There will also be new incentives for employers to increase the number and quality of their workforce, and employers will be able to claim an extra tax benefit on the number they hire.

Workplace skills are being developed to provide new and more flexible work for people who are looking for full-time employment, as well as a range on job-search strategies to encourage job-seekers to get on to a career path.

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