White House budget proposal calls for a ‘major review’ of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile

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The White House released a blueprint Wednesday for a review of the country’s nuclear weapons arsenal that calls for “major changes” to how the nation develops and maintains its nuclear arsenal, a move that could further erode the confidence of the American public in America’s nuclear forces.

The blueprint, released as part of President Donald Trump’s budget request for fiscal year 2018, says the United States will have about 20 nuclear warheads by 2020 and that the United State’s “strategic nuclear forces” would be upgraded to “full-spectrum” capabilities.

The Trump administration wants to develop and deploy a “massive, fully integrated strategic nuclear deterrent” to deter nuclear attacks from countries such as North Korea.

The White House also says that the U,S.

Strategic Command, which is tasked with protecting the homeland from a variety of threats, should be restructured and expanded to include “advanced strike and rapid strike capabilities,” a new role for the Pentagon to be “the most advanced and capable military force in the world.”

The blueprint calls for the U


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