Which country has the best job growth?

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Developed countries have an unemployment rate that is higher than the United States and the rest of the developed world.

That’s a key distinction, as the unemployment rate in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates is far lower than in the developing world.

This means that developing countries have more jobs than developed ones.

But while it’s true that developed countries have the most jobs, they’re not the best at building and maintaining them.

As a result, the best developed countries are struggling to fill up the jobs they need.

The United States, for example, has about 1.7 million jobs that need to be filled by the end of 2020, according to a recent report by the International Monetary Fund.

That works out to roughly one job every 30 minutes.

China, meanwhile, has an estimated 1.5 million unemployed workers, and India’s unemployment rate is 5 percent.

China’s economy is expanding faster than the U.S. but has seen more people drop out of the labor force in recent years, which has led to the country’s unemployment rates increasing.

The United States has the third-largest number of people who are out of work in the world.

The U.K., with nearly 8 million unemployed, is the only country with a larger share of the U:R.

That puts it at the top of the list of nations with the greatest job gap between them.

India has about 3 million unemployed people, according the IMF, while China has about 2.2 million unemployed.

The IMF also noted that in China, the country with the second-highest unemployment rate, there are nearly 20 million people out of a workforce of 3.3 million.

China is also the second largest source of employment in Africa, after the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

And that makes Africa, the region with the biggest job gap, the most affected.

In a recent blog post, economist Robert Kuttner said there are “two kinds of unemployment.”

First, there’s a job that’s been lost because of a bad job market.

That means people are not actively looking for work.

The second type is an unemployed person who has stopped looking for a job because of the downturn.

For example, the jobless rate in Brazil is almost 10 percent, compared with 1.6 percent in the U., and about 8 percent in China.

And those numbers are only from the Brazilian government, which doesn’t track the data.

A more accurate gauge of job growth would be looking at the percentage of people out on the job.

That would show how many people are actively looking, rather than unemployed.

When you look at the U.:R., you can see that Brazil’s job growth is not as good as the U.-R.

According to the IMF report, Brazil’s unemployment is actually lower than the world average.

Developing countries have been seeing their unemployment rates rise for a number of years now.

The number of unemployed people in the developed and developing world has doubled since 2008, and is now at a record high.

And in some cases, the increase has been even higher.

One reason for this is a combination of factors.

In countries that have had high unemployment, such as Brazil and India, the governments have been tightening their belts.

These governments have also increased the number of workers and jobs available to them.

In some cases the increase in government jobs has also been associated with an increase in income.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these jobs aren’t always going to be available.

The countries that are experiencing unemployment and under-employment are also the countries that use the most money to build infrastructure and invest in education and health care.

These are countries that also have high levels of inequality and inequality of opportunity.

On top of all of that, countries like the United Sates have seen their economies expand at a slower rate than developed economies.

That makes them vulnerable to the job market being soft and unresponsive.

According to the World Bank, there were 9.3 unemployed people for every 100,000 jobs in the OECD in 2014, compared to 8.7 in the European Union.

That was a decrease of 3 million people, and a decrease that is likely to continue in the years ahead.

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