When Maeby and the Maecenas’ son were arrested, they left behind a legacy

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Posted Thursday, March 07, 2021 14:02:36A young Maecenos son, the late Maeby, was found dead on the bank of the Rhône River in 1849.

He had been buried under a heap of stones, and the body of his mother, Maria Mäe, had been found in a nearby field. 

Maria had been murdered in the same grave the Maegons had dug in, with her husband’s body being dragged under. 

Maeby was found in the grave of another woman, Jeanne-Jacques Mäe. 

Jeannes father, Mauve, died of a ruptured appendix, and Mai was buried with him. 

When Jean-Jacés son, Marquis, murdered his mother in 1854, his wife and two children, Pierre and Etienne, were arrested and taken to Marseille, France, for trial. 

The two were found guilty of murder and sentenced to death, but Jean-Jacées daughter Marie (who was not pregnant at the time) escaped the death penalty by marrying Pierre’s younger brother Léon (now Jean-Pierre). 

Pierre died soon afterwards, but Marie was spared the death sentence. 

Marie was later brought to France and sentenced in 1955 to die for the murder of her brother, but she was spared after she received an alibi witness, Marie-Madeleine (also known as Marie-Dionne), who had also been arrested and held in a cell at Maceau. 

Marceau was also found guilty, but was released and sent back to France. 

A few months later, Marie-Madeelle was released and taken back to Manteille, where she was accused of the murder and tried again. 

After two more trials and three trials, Marie was acquitted and executed in 1961. 

Her son, Marceau, was executed in 1966. 

“This remains the only known case of the Maebys father escaping the death row, and his daughter, Marie, being spared. 

It is a testament to the bravery of Marie’s family that she was able to remain in the safety of France for so long, and remain the only surviving member of her family to live.” 

(source: The Maecens Family Archives, RTE)


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