What you need to know about the 2017-18 Rugby World Cup schedule

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With the tournament taking place in three cities across the globe, it’s no wonder there’s so much focus on the weather.

Rugby World Cups are the world’s biggest sporting event, and a major source of revenue for the tournament.

In 2018, the tournament will be held in South Africa, which has seen some of the most extreme weather in recent memory.

Here’s everything you need for the 2019 Rugby World Series.

1 / 22 World Cup 2019 South Africa: March 12 – March 20, 2019 (2 cities) The South African Rugby Union has a rich history, with the first Rugby World Championship held in 1893.

The South Africa Rugby Union is currently looking to expand its popularity to other parts of the world, and this tournament will add to that.

There will be a number of tournaments, including the Rugby World Club Challenge, which will be played in South Australia.

Rugby will be part of the World Cup’s TV package.

This is expected to be the highest-profile event on the schedule, as it will be broadcast on ABC and Seven.

Australia: March 26 – April 4, 2019 The Rugby World Championships are a showcase for the game in Australia.

They take place on the same day as the Rugby Rugby World T20 Cup, but they have a much different format.

They are the first World Cup Rugby World Tournament.

Australia will be playing four games, two in South Korea and two in England.

The 2019 Rugby T20s will be in Australia, while the 2019 Women’s Rugby World Challenge is in South America.

2 / 22 2019 Rugby world cup 2019 England: March 31 – April 3, 2019 Rugby’s World Cup is held every four years in England, and it’s not expected to change.

It is the most successful sporting event on offer in the country.

This will be the first time the two-day event will be televised, and there will be two World Cup games to watch.

England will also host the 2019 World Cup T20 tournament.

England’s players will play one game against South Africa in the 2019 tournament, and then play the other two games in England against the other nations in the competition.

The English Rugby Union will be one of the organisers of the tournament, while World Rugby is the official governing body.

The 2018 Rugby World Champions Cup is the only World Cup tournament outside England to feature England.

This tournament will take place in England’s old city, Cardiff, and is the second edition in the UK. 3 / 22 Rugby World cup 2019 Australia: April 4 – April 10, 2019 Australia is in the middle of a Rugby World series that has seen it host the Rugby T50, the Rugby Super Series and the Rugby Sevens World Series as well as the 2019 T20 World Cup.

The Rugby SuperSeries has seen Australia play all three of the Rugby world cups in the last two years, while this is the first one where it will not feature the World Series tournament.

This time around, it will feature three matches against England in Cardiff, while South Africa play the second game against the All Blacks.

The World Cup will be streamed live on ESPN3.

The final World Cup World Series game is expected on the following day.

Australia and England will play three games in Cardiff.

4 / 22 South Africa 2019: April 18 – April 23, 2019 South African rugby fans will be hoping to be there for the first ever World Cup rugby.

The game is the biggest and most prestigious event in the sport’s history, and the 2019 edition is set to be one for the ages.

The tournament will feature eight teams from South Africa’s two regions of the country, as well a number from overseas.

This season, there will also be a World Cup Qualifiers series between the two teams.

The 2017 World Cup also saw the World T10, World T50 and the World Super Series, with teams from around the world competing.

5 / 22 The 2019 World Rugby World League The 2019 edition of the National Rugby League will take a step forward by introducing a new format that will see four games every week between the top teams in the world.

Six of these games will be fixtures in England and South Africa.

It will be another big boost for the sport in a country that has been lacking in international rugby competitions in recent years.

Six teams from the World Rugby League’s South Africa franchise will be at the tournament to take part in the finals, while three other teams from overseas will be representing their country in other countries.

6 / 22 2020 World Rugby Rugby Rugby will return to England in 2020 with a new partnership with the English Rugby League.

The two leagues will play the World League Challenge Cup in 2018, with each side competing in the same tournament, but there will only be two games on offer this year.

The next season, the World Challenge Cup will take the format of the 2019 finals, with three matches played over two days.

There are also plans to bring back a number on-field competitions to the game.

This includes the World Championship and the European Rugby Cup. 7


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