‘We don’t believe in miracles’: What we know about the 2016 US Open

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It was an emotional match, and the result was a match the Australian Open needed to win, but it was also a result of a lack of preparation.

It was just the sort of match that would have been hard to play, especially with the US Open on the line.

But it was all about the results and that was all that mattered.

The first round began with a 4-2 win for Australian Open champion Tomohiro Ishii, who became the first player in history to claim four Open titles in a row after a six-year break.

He was the first Japanese to win four titles in consecutive years and it was his fourth straight Open title, and he became the second Japanese player to take home a Open title.

After taking his third straight win at 6-3, it was time for the second round to begin.

In the last three sets, Ishii had been able to keep his opponents guessing with forehands, but after the first three sets he found it hard to find a match up with Djokovic.

He lost in the third set to Roger Federer, but won the next two sets and eventually beat Nadal to take his first Grand Slam title since 2013.

The final was just another battle in the middle of the Open final between a man and a woman, and it could have easily ended in a draw, but that wasn’t the case.

Nadal had a tough start to the tournament, with his match against Djokov ending in a third set tie.

Nadals third match was a five-set affair, but the Spaniard came back to win the first set 5-4.

It wasn’t until the sixth set that Nadal took the game to Djokovi, who was playing in his third Grand Slam finals.

Nadas game against the Serb was very close, but when Djokova went up 1-0, Nadal finally came away with the victory.

Nadal won the tournament 4-3 in a five set, three set match.

The US Open final will take place on Sunday.


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