SEGA and RISE Studios discuss a new project to create ‘an entirely new type of gaming experience’

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SEGA has unveiled its latest game, ‘Halo Wars 2’, and is currently developing the “ultimate experience” of what will be the first “fully immersive” Halo game.

It has also revealed a new feature for its mobile app called ‘Hover Mode’, which will enable users to ‘play’ and explore the game without having to turn on their console’s console-like controls.

The developer also revealed that its next big project will be ‘the definitive story of Halo’ and will “change the way we approach and experience the franchise.”

The game is described as a “world-building, story-driven story” and will be a “full Halo experience”.

It will be developed by SEGA’s own development studio, Rise Studios, and will take place in an entirely new kind of gaming environment, said Rise Studios in a statement.

“Halo is an award-winning franchise that has influenced countless generations of gamers and we have an unprecedented opportunity to create an entirely fresh, completely new type-of gaming experience.

We are thrilled to bring you ‘Hail to the Halo’,” said the developer.”

Halo will be an entirely original, totally original experience, unlike anything else we’ve ever made.”

The studio has also announced that it has teamed up with the BBC and is “making Halo a part of the BBC’s award-winners”.

“Hail is a unique opportunity to give the story of ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ a real-world spin and bring it to life in a way that will be truly unique,” said Rise’s chief creative officer, Ian Jones.

“We can’t wait to share the experience with audiences around the world.”

It’s not clear how much of a deal this is.

‘Hale to the Galaxy’ was one of the biggest games in history, earning nearly $1 billion in global box office revenues, and its box office is likely to be much higher if ‘Harmony of Heroes’ does well.

However, ‘Avalon’ is set to be released in 2017, and ‘Havok’ is due to arrive later this year.

The BBC’s announcement of the ‘Hate and Betrayal’ TV series suggests that this may not be the case.

Meanwhile, the game’s development team has revealed a few details about the new project.

“The Halo Wars 2” game will have a new cinematic feature, which will allow players to explore the world and “explore the lore and lore systems of the Halo universe”.

“This will allow for an entirely different type of experience than the classic Halo experience we have already released,” the developers said.

“This will open up new possibilities and allow for a deeper immersion.”

It is also possible that the studio has been planning a new “game” since ‘Haydee’, and it will be releasing that as a standalone title in 2017.

It is unknown how this project will tie into the next Halo game, but it could include an update to ‘Halsey’, which is being developed by 343 Industries.


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