Real estate developer arrested after allegedly violating Roblox rental property code

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A developer who was arrested for allegedly violating the RoblOX rental property rental code was a former local developer, according to the Washington County District Attorney’s office.

The DA’s office said John R. Lewis Jr. was arrested Tuesday for allegedly illegally using his Roblax property for residential use.

Lewis allegedly violated the code in September 2017, according the Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Lewis was also arrested on charges of violating the code at least twice before.

He was charged with two counts of violation of the code, which are misdemeanors.

Lewis’ attorney, David J. Cusack, said his client was innocent of the charges against him. “

This is a misunderstanding of the rules of the RoBLOX game.”

Lewis’ attorney, David J. Cusack, said his client was innocent of the charges against him.

“I think that the court should not have to convict Mr. Lewis of any crime, but it should at least give him the opportunity to prove his innocence,” Cusak said.

RoBlox officials have acknowledged that Lewis violated the RoBlOX rental code in June of this year.

RoBLox officials said that Lewis did not use RoBlX properties as residential units and that RoBlix did not provide any specific rental information about tenants.

RoblX officials said Lewis did, however, have the option of renting out residential units in certain areas.

Lewis did lease out residential properties, according his lawyer.


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