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The developer of a $3 billion industrial complex near Iowa City has announced an investment of $3 mil

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source National Post title How Google and Google Play Created a Culture for Social Innovation in the

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We’ve been hearing a lot lately about Agile methods, but they’re often underappreciated.T

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The film version of the game has yet to be announced, and we can’t know for sure if this is the

How to write a great script

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NFL’s Adrian Peterson, Falcons, Eagles announce joint development of team’s stadium

The Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles announced Thursday that they have reached a multi-yea

How to be a ‘crypto-enthusiast’ in your early years

By the time you reach the age of 5 or 6, you may already have an interest in learning how to create c

How do you create a game for your own physical device?

Developers can now build their own physical games, or game apps, and have them published to the Apple

How Trump won a war with parents on the Trump baby issue

When President Donald Trump’s first child, Tiffany, was born in February 2018, a lot of the nat

Meet the next leader in learning and education in Bendigo

News Limited is partnering with Bendigo University to create a special learning space for students ag

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