[BLOG] is a personal blog about the automation and management of various virtualization and integration use cases using primary VMware products managed by Carsten Schaefer, Chris Wehner and Thomas Kopton. In addition to these topics, we also provide many tips and tricks for the various products within the VMware automation and SDDC management product portfolio.


Carsten Schaefer

I’m aConsultant and Developer working for VMware. My focus is on Automation & Orchestration (VMware vRealize Suite), Design and Advanced Troubleshooting for customers of every size andevery industry

Chris Wehner

I'm Senior Consultant at VMware in the CEMEA Design Office Team working with all VMware automation related products.

Thomas Kopton

My name is Thomas Kopton and  I have been working with VMware technologies since ESX 3.
I have had many roles with different companies in my IT career. Since 2016 I am Senior Consultant on the CEMEA VMware Professional Services Team, focusing on VMware cloud management and monitoring products.


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