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Ohio state worker development company is being acquired

The Ohio State Workforce Development Company (WCD) is being purchased by a new company called Kolob R

Why some preschoolers are more likely to have autism than others

Posted October 08, 2018 06:24:16 By Jennifer A. LangerAssociated PressA study of more than 2,200 pres

‘We’re all on the same page’: How to build an agile software company

The best software development process is one that takes into account both the company’s goals a

The developer console is back, but you need to be prepared for some changes

A new developer console, dubbed the Developer Console, has returned in the latest version of the Pyth

‘The code is the code’: A year of coding the code

An interview with the head of the Java Community Foundation (JCI), which oversees the open source Jav

‘Blockchain and personal development books: What’s the difference?’

Personal development books are a growing segment of the publishing market and are increasingly being

How to be a good child development expert

Psychosocial Development Theory (PDT) was a developmental psychology theory that emphasized that chil

$200K home development job in the works

Posted March 07, 2018 07:07:04The home development sector has been a hot area of activity in Victoria

How to stop child exploitation in your own home

As with any development project, the biggest challenge comes with the child itself.“What I like

‘We are here to help’ as Iowa unemployment rate rises to 7.8%

An Iowa Department of Human Resources report showed that the number of people who are unemployed in t

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