Oracle SQL developer in development for new release

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ORACLE sql developer is developing a new release of the Oracle SQL Database Engine that would include the ability to deploy to virtual machines on Linux.

The release, to be called Oracle Database 9.5, would be available for preview at Oracle’s developer forum on Thursday.

Oracle SQL is an enterprise database and has been developed by Oracle since 2003, but the company has not said when it will be ready to release to the public.

The announcement comes just one day after Oracle’s chief financial officer, John Murphy, said Oracle was working on a new version of the SQL database.

Murphy told reporters the company was still working out some of the details, but that the new version would have improved scalability and memory footprint.

Oracle plans to release the Oracle Database Engine 9.1, which will be its first major release since the release of Oracle Database 8.3 in January.

Oracle has said that Oracle’s focus for the next two years is to focus on making the database more stable, reliable and secure, and that it will release a number of enhancements to the database over the next few years.


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