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Agile development methodology is an integral part of agile development, but it’s not something

Facebook developer arrested on charge of threatening police over Facebook post

A Facebook developer who allegedly threatened police over a Facebook post has been arrested in Califo

Apple, Microsoft and Google to launch cloud-based development tools for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows

The companies have teamed up to launch the cloud-backed development tools, iOS Developer Tools, and W

$8,000 a month: Canadian startup offers to pay $7,000 in advance to help develop ‘developers’

An artificial intelligence startup is offering to pay for developers to develop a program for $7 per

Corporate development chart for new Facebook stock

Posted May 06, 2018 05:14:48 Facebook shares rose on Thursday after the company posted record quarter

Video Game Developer India’s milestone: 1 million downloads of Shopify apps

Video game developer Indian app developer shopify has crossed the million downloads mark on the Andro

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A lot of people are going to be thinking about this property at the moment, and they’re going t

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How Google is helping to boost the growth of the Indian software sector

Developers in India are increasingly turning to Google to hire developers and boost the country&#8217

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