How to raise awareness about Zika virus in Brazil

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Zika virus is spreading rapidly in Brazil.

As a result, many are facing a difficult choice: stay home or get tested. 

According to CNN Money, the Zika virus outbreak has left more than 2.7 million people with symptoms and more than 8.7,000 have died.

The virus has also forced health authorities to close more than 3,500 schools.

Read MoreMore than 1.1 million people have been tested, with 1,929 tested positive for the virus, and a further 1,000 positive for dengue, according to a CNN Money article. 

A CNN Money analysis of data from Brazil’s health ministry found that the majority of people who tested positive are from the northern part of the country, and that about 60% of them tested positive in July.

More: More than half of all Brazilians tested positive.

The number of cases has also risen from last year, when Brazil was still experiencing a relatively low level of Zika transmission.

That trend has reversed, and the number of new infections has risen, the BBC reported.

Health officials estimate the number who have contracted Zika has reached almost 100,000. 

“This is a new level of transmission,” Dr. Jose Luis Gómez de Souza, the director of the Brazilian Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CIDCP), told the BBC. 

Gómehros said that the increase in infections and deaths is the result of people not reporting their symptoms and not using protective measures.

“It is the same with dengues, that they are spreading and that people are not using their protective measures,” he said. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned earlier this month that Brazil is at a “new high” in the spread of the virus. 

At a press conference in New York City on Tuesday, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said the “disease has reached new heights”.

“The WHO is working on the most sophisticated surveillance technology that we have and we are seeing unprecedented and unprecedented numbers of new cases, including denguedo, and deaths,” Chan said.

She said the outbreak “has become the biggest threat to global health since the pandemic in 1918”. 

The WHO has also warned that Zika could affect pregnant women and their babies. 

This week, the World Health Assembly passed a resolution that urges countries to set up health centres that can provide vaccinations and other services to people living with Zika.

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