How to Make Your Android App Development Less of a Scam

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A kitten has been arrested for a development scam that stole $600,000 from a Florida restaurant.

The story was reported by the Tampa Bay Times, and the kitten, who authorities say is a stray, was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon.

Police said the kitten was found on a Miami street near the intersection of North 2nd Street and North 7th Avenue.

Police say the cat was found with a collar on his neck and a collar around his neck, and it’s believed he had been strangled.

Authorities said the man who owns the restaurant told them he had a kitten at the time, and that it was a stray.

The man also told them that he’d taken the cat to the veterinarian and he would bring it home.

He said he had it checked out, but didn’t have the collar.

Police have not released the name of the man or his name.


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