How to get a team to take ownership of your code

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A company’s software team should be led by a senior developer, not an assistant or freelancer.

In fact, the former is actually more common than the latter, according to new research.

Read moreA new study by consulting firm Deloitte says the average senior-level developer spends about two years on the job.

The number of senior-to-middle-level developers is also at an all-time high, and that’s because they have to be able to build software in a team environment.

The study looked at 3,500 developers who worked on more than 1.3 million applications.

It found that the median amount of time spent working on a project increased from about one-quarter of a year in 2012 to over two-thirds in 2014.

That is a major jump.

In the previous study, Deloittles senior- to middle-level development team included a team of five.

This time, Delositais looking at the entire development team.

The survey found that one-third of the senior- level developers had to spend between six and seven years on a single project.

That’s a lot of time to be spending on a one-shot project.

While it is not unheard of for a senior-led team to be a small group, Deloaittles findings suggest it’s a more common scenario.

While the median time spent on a development project is lower than that for the whole team, the majority of the developers have to spend six to seven years to finish a single task.

This means the average junior-to and senior-driven team has a median time of nearly four years.

The researchers say it is clear that senior-leader development is the new normal, and the number of developers who have to work on a new project is on the rise.

Deloitte researchers say a number of factors could be behind this increase.

One, the rise in the number and complexity of mobile applications has made senior-lead teams more mobile-centric.

More generally, senior-leading teams are also more mobile.

They tend to be mobile-focused because they rely more on smartphones and tablets to work.

The study suggests that mobile is also becoming more important in the development industry.

More than half of the respondents (53%) said that their job requires them to develop mobile apps for the company’s mobile-enabled devices.


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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