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Ann Armitage has been accused of racism after she was accused of saying “black people shouldn’t be in the business” and was arrested on suspicion of racial harassment.

The actor has previously said that African-American people should be banned from film, and has been vocal in her criticism of President Donald Trump.

But a new article published by The Sun newspaper says that the actor has not been arrested and is currently living in Queensland, where she is reportedly employed as a hair care specialist.

“Her employer, Australian Hair, says it’s investigating the allegation, but the actress’ manager told the newspaper she’s still in Australia.”

Ann is currently unemployed, but her manager says she has a job lined up and has a lot of time left before she has to leave.

“The article says that an investigation is ongoing.”

The Australian Hair spokeswoman said it is still investigating, but would not comment further.

“The actress’ management has yet to respond to The Sun’s claims.

A spokesperson for the Australian Hair said that they have not yet received a complaint.”

We are aware of the allegations,” the spokesperson said.”

It is important to note that the allegations against Ann Armin are entirely false and untrue.

We have no further comment at this time.

“The spokesperson also said that the actress had “no intention of returning to Australia”.

A statement from The Australian Hair read: “We would like to make it very clear that we have absolutely no knowledge of any of the accusations being made and we have zero tolerance for racial vilification of any race.”

To make matters worse, Ann is currently in Queensland working as a hairstylist.”

While she is currently overseas, she is contracted to Australian Hair.

We’re not aware of any complaints against her.

“An earlier version of this article referred to the actress as a “hair development consultant”.


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