How the Internet Helped Create a Culture of Innovation in Education

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source National Post title How Google and Google Play Created a Culture for Social Innovation in the Digital Age article source The Associated Press article title Google’s search algorithm will let you search for a product on the Google Store instead of on the Amazon Marketplace article source TechCrunch article title The ‘Google Search Engine’ is a Social Engine in the Making: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Facebook and Amazon are Building a New Social Media Company article source Reuters article title Facebook’s new platform will allow you to share your personal data on the site without a login source Tech Crunch article title How Facebook is Building a Platform to Help People Learn More about their Communities article source Mashable article title Twitter’s new ‘Trending Topics’ feature lets you search by trending topics article TechCrunch piece title Twitter and Facebook are building a new social network in partnership with Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon article Tech Crunch piece title Google and Facebook plan to expand their business collaboration to work together on the next big social project, a social news platform source Mashables article title Yahoo is building an ‘Innovative Enterprise’ that allows companies to develop apps that are built for social media companies to share source Mashably article title Amazon is building a platform for developers to build apps for Facebook and other platforms that work with the platform source TechCrowd article title What you need to know about Facebook’s upcoming ‘Flexible Platforms’ initiative article TechCuff source The Guardian article title Microsoft and Google are partnering on a new ‘social enterprise’ that lets companies work with other companies on social content sites and apps article Tech Cuff article title Snapchat, Facebook will make it easy for anyone to share their photos, videos and GIFs on Snapchat.

Now you can share them too!

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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