Google Play developer says ‘we’re still working on it’ for iOS app

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Apple developer Google Play is investigating the possibility of launching an app for its mobile operating system in 2018, Google Play announced today.

The developer, Google, says it’s still working out the details of what the app will look like, but that the company “cannot rule out a future” for the project.

Google’s Play store currently only offers games and other media apps for iOS, but Google has been working to get games for Android and Windows to work in the platform.

It announced in March that it had started to roll out Android games, but the platform hasn’t quite caught up with the Apple app store.

Android developers have been using Google Play for years to sell their own apps and services, but some have expressed concern that the platform’s design has made it hard to build for it.

The Android App Store is the primary location for Android app developers to sell apps, and Google has made changes to the Android platform to make it easier to build games for the platform, such as the Android Play Services and the Android SDK.


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