Apple to open ‘smart home’ for children and families

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Apple is expected to open a smart home for children in Apple’s home city of Cupertino, California, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

The project, codenamed “Smart Home,” will reportedly use “an open platform” to “provide an environment that is more intuitive, flexible and engaging than the traditional home,” and that will “enhance children’s ability to make decisions, engage in meaningful interactions, and enjoy their time in a new way.”

The smart home will reportedly feature “fluent, easy to use interface” and “a central hub to connect multiple devices and services,” the WSJ reported.

Apple will be building the smart home into the Apple Watch, a wearable device Apple first announced in 2015.

The WSJ’s report noted that the company plans to work with partners to “create a more flexible and easy-to-use interface for the Apple Home.”

Apple previously opened its first “smart home” project in the Cupertinos Cupertinian city, but the company has been unable to open an Apple Home in other cities.

A source familiar with the project told the WSG that Apple is planning to start building “smart homes” in the coming months.

Apple has also announced that it is developing a “smart” “Internet of Things” platform that will allow users to “control the flow of information, ideas, and information from devices.”


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