Thursday, July 02, 2015

Use Application Services Puppet Services on VMs with preinstalled Puppet Agent

Your are running Puppet Services on VMware vRealize Automation Application Services Application Blueprints but having trouble to get the service deployed cause Puppet Agent is already part of your VM build and already preinstalled?

With a preinstalled Puppet Agent on a VM provisioned you run into an following error in the Linux_Puppet_Agent-1_0_0-INSTALL phase.

This is how to "skip" the installation part of the Puppet Agent during deployment in vRealize Automation Application Services:

  • Login to the vRealize Automation Application Services Appliance using 'darwin_user'
  • Switch to 'root' user and provide password
su -
  • Stop the vRealize Automation Application Services service
/etc/init.d/vmware-darwin-tcserver stop
  • Switch to 'darwin' user
su – darwin
  • Dump the PostgreSQL database
pg_dump > /var/tmp/pg_vras.out
  • Backup the PostgreSQL DB dump
cp /var/tmp/pg_vras.out /var/tmp/pg_vras.original.backup
  • Rewrite the installation function call to a simple echo command
perl -pi -e 's/el_repo\\n/echo "el-repo"\\n/' /var/tmp/pg_vras.out
  • Drop the original vRealize Automation Application Services PostgreSQL databse
dropdb darwin;
  • Create a new and empty PostgreSQL database
createdb darwin;
  • Write the modified PostgreSQL database dump to the PostgreSQL database
psql < /var/tmp/pg_vras.out
  • Switch back to the root user
  • Start the vRealize Automation Application Services service again
/etc/init.d/vmware-darwin-tcserver start

Thats it, now the installation of the Puppet Agent should be "skipped" and you can use vRealize Automation Application Services to deploy Puppet Services to VMs with preinstalled Puppet Agent ;-)


  1. Axel Thimm7/03/2015 10:54 AM

    Elegant solution!

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